Monday, 5 October 2015

Possible Story Idea

  1. Possible story idea that’s been circling in my mind for a couple of days now

    We have a factory worker who is working  day in day out without talking to any one, each day he gets up and goes to work and lives as a total social recluse. We show this from jump shots of his empty flat which is bare to him in the factory not getting involved as the workers around him socialize. It gets to the point where no one even knows he’s there. This sort of loneliness is both social and mental, he retracts so much from society  that he decided to try commit suicide, we show this by showing a silhouette of a rope chair  cliché. But it doesn’t work but the next day he goes to work as if nothing’s happened but todays a different day today someone notice’s him and ask’s him how he is and this leaves him felling happy and part of society again this is a really early idea and has some very dark theme, but I think using the Kushov effect would make it work and to play on the idea that you can feel lonely even when surrounded by people I am going think of some more ideas but this is the first one that has strongly stuck in my brain  and may be interesting if done right, it all needs a lot more fleshing out and will need to be story bared to see if it works out may be an interesting take on are selected cards.

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